What Is A Phishing Attack?

Phishing is an attempt to “fish” for your private information. This could be your banking information or other private details such as your birthday, social security number, credit card information, bank card or even your passwords.

Phishing emails are usually disguised as e-mails that appears to be from a known institution such a your bank or perhaps a popular social networking website like Facebook or payment website such as PayPal asking for confidential information, including your username and password, to perform an account on your account or reset your password.


Except this e-mail hasn’t originated from the sender you believe and once you enter this valuable private information, it will be sent to a criminal third party who can then exploit this data to either access your account, change your password or completely drain your account.

Spear Phishing, a variant of the general phishing attack, is a targeted phishing attempt through an e-mail that appears to come not only from a trusted source but also contain personalized information such your full name to trick users into trusting them more.

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