Need a Fido Referral Code? I’ll Send You One

FidoI made the switch to Fido last year when they had some rather tempting cell phone plans with unlimited Spotify streaming.

I left Rogers for them and I have to say I haven’t been disappointed. The cell phone service and customer support are exactly the same, since Rogers obviously owns Fido, but my cell phone bill is 30% lower. Can’t complain about that! 🙂

If any of you have been on the fence, consider that Fido also provides you a $25 credit bonus if you sign up due to word of mouth from a friend. But you need to provide a personally generated referral code while signing up.

So if you need me to send you a Fido referral code, shoot me a message and I’ll send you one! NOTE: Fido’s “refer a friend” program was ended on July 12, 2017. Any of you that have already signed up will be credited but any new customers will not receive credits upon signing up.

I’ve switched cell phone providers and I’ll be happy to share a Koodo referral code for a $50 bonus.