Wealthsimple Referral Code for Bonus

Wealthsimple has been making large gains in the world of roboadvisors and investing. If you’ve been waiting to join, now is a great time with their $10,000 bonus.Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple is now offering $10,000 managed free for 12 months for each friend that funds their account. Sure, their fees are just 0.5% but free is FREE.

How do you get a Wealthsimple referral code?

Easy, simply click through this link and it will be automatically applied when you sign up.

If you’re an existing client and are confused about where to find this code so you’re able to pay it forward, it’s located under the Rewards section of your account on desktop and Earn on mobile.

If you’ve already signed up without a code, fear not, you can still receive the $10,000 bonus by going into the same areas of your account and entering the code FB0JIA into the box labelled “Redeem a referral bonus.”

This page also displays all the other ways you can get funds managed for free like installing the app, turning on autodeposits or transferring an account to Wealthsimple.

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PureVPN Super Bowl Deal – Still Live, Get It Now!

Almost a 100 million people watch the Super Bowl across the world – that may be one reason for this amazing PureVPN Super Bowl Deal.

Get PureVPN’s service and anonymize yourself on the Internet for less than $2 a monthPure VPN

This special offer only applies if you sign up for a 5 year plan. It’s similar to the PureVPN 5-year lifetime deal with their unbeatable 30-day money back guarantee.

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One PureVPN account provides the ability to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and the 24 hour support is always available if you need help.

Read our previous review to see why it’s such a great deal or go straight to PureVPN and check it out.