Lyft Referral Promo Code for Free $50 Credit

If you’ve been thinking about riding with Lyft but haven’t yet, the ride hailing service has just sweeten the pot in a big way.

LyftLyft has provided me with $50 free credit for those of you that sign up using my referral promo code.

Get up to $50 in ride credit, just enter AKSHAY39860 in the app or sign up at the link below before signing into the Lyft app:

You’ll see a message saying the credit is towards your rides in the Greater Toronto Area – but it works with any city. The only requirement is that you’re in one of their service areas, which is vast so unless you live on the North Pole, you should be fine. You will receive a maximum of $10 off per ride. So you get $10 off each for 5 rides.

The credit remains for 2 weeks until you sign up. While two weeks is plenty, you’ll want to wait until you need it before signing up!