Lyft Referral Promo Code for Free $50 Credit

If you’ve been thinking about riding with Lyft but haven’t yet, the ride hailing service has just sweeten the pot in a big way.

LyftLyft has provided me with $50 free credit for those of you that sign up using my referral promo code.

Get up to $50 in ride credit, just enter AKSHAY39860 in the app or sign up at the link below before signing into the Lyft app:

You’ll see a message saying the credit is towards your rides in the Greater Toronto Area – but it works with any city. The only requirement is that you’re in one of their service areas, which is vast so unless you live on the North Pole, you should be fine. You will receive a maximum of $10 off per ride. So you get $10 off each for 5 rides.

The credit remains for 2 weeks until you sign up. While two weeks is plenty, you’ll want to wait until you need it before signing up!

PureVPN Black Friday Sale: Whopping 88% Off

PureVPN has just released its Black Friday sale that can score you a whopping 88% OFF!!!

Pure VPNUse the internet completely anonymously and  securely and for $1.32 per month instead of the regular price of $10.95 for a trusted VPN.

So How Do You Get This PureVPN Deal?

Simply click here to go to PureVPN and get 5 years of the service for just $79! That’s a savings of 88%, which translates into an amazing $1.32/month. You can’t go wrong with that.

As I’ve said before, I don’t use the internet without a VPN to protect my browsing from my ISP and the media companies who are eager to track you and catch you in their net.

Along with encrypted connections, you can also switch countries you are browsing from so you can watch pretty much any country’s content from Netflix, Hulu or hundreds of other sites.

PureVPN allows P2P and high speed with no throttling or limits. You can use the service on 5 devices at once and, as they promise, they don’t keep ANY logs of your history.

Grab the PureVPN 5 year deal at 88% off now >>

Get STACK Referral Bonus $20 on Sign Up

You may have recently heard about STACK and today I’m going to show you how to get a cool hard $20 referral bonus when you sign up.

What is STACK?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, STACK is a great new service that basically functions like a prepaid  MasterCard credit card. But what makes is different is that not only does it have no fees whatsoever but you can instantly load it by email transfer with as much or as little as you want AND it offers members amazing bonuses like a FREE YEAR of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify or Google Play, discounts at Starbucks, Foodora and McDonalds.

Click here to go to STACK and get the bonus!

Tell me more… (see below if you don’t get your bonus)

So along with the over a $132 value, for a limited time, new users who join through a friend will receive $20 for signing up to sweeten the pot! So not only can you capitalize on the money saving offers, you will receive another twenty referral bonus once your physical STACK card has been activated on the app.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to join STACK and sign up!

NOTE: Recently, STACK hasn’t been properly crediting some bonuses. Make note that you have to activate your card before it’s credited. If you sign up and don’t see the bonus after activation contact me at emI will get in touch and pester them until they issue the credit!

What if you signed up earlier?

If you signed up after September 13, 2018, you’re still eligible to receive this credit into your account. Simply contact support in-app, on the website or at 1-877-STACK-01 to them know you were referred by an early adopter like me and provide my email: em

Other features to like: STACK is totally fee-free, that means no ATM fees and they don’t even have any foreign exchange fees. Yes, no FX fees for any currency worldwide. I load up mine with a pre-set amount when buying internationally and especially for use on those sometimes sketchy websites so I can make sure they can’t charge me any more than I’ve agreed to. Even better? They recently added the ability to instantly load your card by e-transfer.

Koodo Referral Code for $50 Bonus Credits

Did you know that by using a Koodo referral code when you’re signing up, you can get a free $50 credit?

Yes, as Koodo says “Bring a buddy and get $50 in bill credits for you and your friend. If you bring a friend to Koodo, we’ll hook you both up with bill credits when they activate with us. It’s a win-win!”

So how do you sign up with a Koodo referral code?

The easiest way is to click through the link below and enter your info with Koodo from there. This automatically notes the referral details for your sign up and links it to your information so both parties can receive the $50 credit.

Remember this must be done BEFORE you sign up for service with Koodo. You can complete the sign up online or in store.

After you’ve got a plan with Koodo, simply return to this link or log back into the referral system and enter your new Koodo phone number to verify you’ve signed up and complete the transaction. That way Koodo knows your new account is setup!

That’s it. It’ll take a few weeks for Koodo to apply the bill credit to both the accounts.

Once again, the link to use is below. You can either copy / paste or click through directly:

Enter your details before joining and enjoy the bonus, my friends.

PureVPN 5 Year Lifetime Deal at 85% OFF – $1.65/Month!!

PureVPN is running a special anniversary sale for savings of up to 77% — but we’re going to tell you a trick to bump that discount up to a whopping 85% OFF FOR LIFE!

PureVPN 77% OffWith their anniversary sale, you get can surf the internet completely securely and anonymously for $2.49 per month instead of their regular price of $10.95 a month. That’s 77% off.

But I’m going to tell you how to discount that further to $1.65 per month which is 85% off! Even better? The discounted price will lock in the price to net you a lifetime deal that will always renew at this amazing low price!

So How Do You Get This PureVPN Deal?

First head over to the anniversary sale here on a desktop computer. You won’t always see it on mobile. Once you view the discounts below, move your mouse away from the page as if you were going to browse away or close the page.

That’s when PureVPN will entice you with an even better deal: 5 years of its industry leading VPN for $99 at an ALL IN locked price. But the offer is valid for just 5 minutes from when you see it like this.

PureVPN 5 Year DealSo once you see it, click to switch to the 5 year price to lock it in for checkout.

I just renewed my VPN subscription for 5 years and this is too good to not share.

I’ve been using a VPN for years and wouldn’t want to use the internet without it to protect my browsing from my ISP — who can now legally track and sell all your information, thanks to the new rollbacks by Congress.

Using a VPN can encrypt and anonymise Internet activity so no one can snoop on your activity.

An added bonus is you can switch countries you are browsing from at will so you can watch any country’s content from Netflix, Hulu or hundreds of other TV networks that block their content to specific locations. You can choose to make your browsing appear to come from North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and even Oceania.

Of course, you’re getting exactly the same service they’re known for with P2P allowed and high speed with no throttling or caps. One account can be used on up to 5 devices and comes with UNLIMITED bandwidth. PureVPN also keeps NO LOGS of your history.

In fact, they recently conducted an independent audit and received a ZERO-Log VPN certification for this promise xo you know your privacy is secure with them.

Grab the PureVPN 5 year deal at 85% off now >>

PureVPN Discount Coupon: Get It Now For 77% OFF!

PureVPN is running a crazy sale of its VPN service for up to 77% off!

Pure VPNThe anniversary discount coupon of the bi-annual plan lets you surf the internet completely securely while masking or changing your geo-location at will.

I’ve been using PureVPN for years and wouldn’t want to use the internet without a VPN. Not just for security but also so that my browsing isn’t visible to my ISP — who can now legally track and sell all your information, thanks to the new law rollbacks quietly passed through by Congress.

The VPN encrypts and completely anonymises Internet activity even your ISP can’t track or snoop on your activity. PureVPN also provides protection against all malicious files and codes on the server level, keeping you safe from malware.

So you can watch any country’s content from Netflix, Hulu or hundreds of other TV networks that block their content to specific locations.

Of course, even with the crazy price, you still get everything including the ultra secure service they’re known for with P2P allowed and high speed with no throttling or caps. You can choose to make your browsing appear to come from North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and even Oceania.

One account can be used on up to 5 devices to save more and comes with UNLIMITED bandwidth. PureVPN also keeps NO LOGS of any kind — so what are you waiting for?

Grab the 77% OFF PureVPN discount before this offer ends!

PayTM Referral Code for $10 Bonus Cash

PayTM has launched in Canada and to celebrate they’re giving away money, literally.

The best of these has to be the sign-up offer which gives you $10 free into PayTMyour account when you sign up with a PayTM referral code.

Checkmark the box when you’re signing up that says you have a referral code and enter PTM6980555. Then once you make your first payment of $50 or more to any company it supports, you get $10 FREE in your account.

You can pay mobile cell phone, utility bills, credit cards, even your property taxes and just about anything else. You don’t need to be in Canada. Anyone around the world can use this code.

PayTM also has a few bonus offers since they just launched such as the ones below. Use the code in the bracket on the payment confirmation page. Enter it when it asks whether you have a bonus code and it will show you that it’s been applied:

$10 cashback when you make a $50 payment to Fido (FIDO)

$10 cashback when you make a $50 payment to Koodo (KOODO)

$10 cashback when you make a $50 payment to Rogers (ROGERS)

Remember, there are no fees if you make your payment with a MasterCard credit card. There is a 3% for other cards but with 2% back on all payments and the special offers running right now, you still come out well ahead.

Kaspersky Total Security Coupon Code for 50% Off

Kaspersky has released a limited time coupon code for 50% off Total Security.

Total Security is Kaspersky Lab’s top tool for malware and security protection.  Along with protecting your privacy and data, it silenty monitors to boost your security whether its for online shopping or banking. It comes bundled with their Password manager and Parental Control to safeguard your kids’ browsing.

Link: See extensive details and more about Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security Screenshot

So how do you get 50% off?

On this Total Security page, add it your cart by clicking “Buy Now” and when checking out enter coupon code EARLYBIRD50  Remember, this coupon only runs for this WEEK and has a limited number of uses so make sure you enter it for it to apply to your purchase and receive 50% off MSRP. It applies to both renewals as well as new purchases.

Free Ollie Doll with Every OtterBox Order

Every order for a rock-solid OtterBox case today receives a FREE Ollie Doll.

OtterBox started out of a garage but is now the #1 selling phone case in the US.

They sell as well as they do because every single case they make promises to protect your phone or tablet no matter if it’s an Apple iPhone or a top of the line Android. In fact, to prove it every cell phone case comes with lifetime warranty and free shipping

They’ve just sent us an exclusive offer for today only so you can get more than just their outstanding cases: Receive A FREE Ollie Doll with every order.

You can also add coupon OTTER10 to save 10% site-wide — including on already reduced products.

How To Get Free Cell Phone Service in USA For Life

Want to ditch your expensive phone plan and get free cell phone service in the USA for life? It’s easier than you think.

A company called FreedomPop is offering FREE mobile service AND data that includes 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB each month.

My Experience with Their Free Cell Plan

I’ve been using the free cell plan for the last 3 months and can’t say enough about it. They use the wide networks of partner carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile to give you ccoverage  in the majority of the USA. So the best part is you’re not with some wonky carrier that with let you down just when you need the service the most. Instead, you’re piggybacking the network of the big boys.

Take a look at all the details on their website here.

How Much Money Can You Save?

Data has shown people who ditch their expensive smartphone plans save nearly $1,500 annually. If the above plan isn’t enough for you, such as if you need more data or minutes, you can add that for a fraction of the cost of the other carriers. For example, their $19.99 unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB data plan.

How Can They Offer Free Cell Service?

As I mentioned above, along with the free basic plan, they also offer full service premium options. That’s how they’re able to keep the service going. We all know cell service really costs pennies on the dollar of what the giant carriers charge you. FreedomPop just makes sure you pay nothing for basic usage.


There’s no contracts and its a completely free monthly service. They give you a free trial of their premium services in the first month for even more data and minutes but you can downgrade that on the website or giving them a toll free call at any time. And how can you not take FREE? If you don’t like it, just cancel or throw your SIM in the trash. But my experience makes me believe you definitely won’t be doing that.

Get it and start using it NOW — even the SIM card is FREE!