Best VPN Service: Who Can You Trust?

Before we get to the Best VPN service, let’s start with …

What Is A Good VPN Supposed To Do?

A VPN (virtual private network) lets allows users to send and receive data across shared or public networks directly to a private network. In effect, it creates a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and another service.

Since data sent over this tunnel is secured, no one can snoop on the contents of this data or otherwise breach your privacy. But it’s not just used to secure communications, because of the way it works, it can also be used to bypass geo-restrictions and government censorship.

This makes it an extremely popular tool especially for those outside the USA to access services like Netflix and HBO which may have content geo-locked to USA. Or for users to access questionable data in countries that otherwise have heavy censorship such as China, Saudi Arabia or UAE.

VPN diagram

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at:

Important Considerations When Choosing A VPN Service

1. You want a trustworthy VPN service that has been around for years AND never stores logs of its users. This is of critical importance. You never want your provider to store logs of what you’re doing. This is in case there is ever a court order issued to the provider, the VPN provider cannot release what they don’t have.

2. You want to a VPN service that has multiple servers available in multiple countries. You don’t want to sign up for a year only to find out you’re limited to use it in just one country.

3. You want a VPN service that provides unlimited data/bandwidth. The reason for this, if you’re going to use your service to stream video, you will run out — and fast.

Best VPN Service: Who Do We Recommend

We’re often asked who we recommend. There are several great providers like PureVPN because we find they fit the best for all the reasons we’ve detailed above and always have a great deal. You can click this link to view their latest promotion.

If you’re looking for a long term deal then the PureVPN 5 year deal is your best option.

What Is A Phishing Attack?

Phishing is an attempt to “fish” for your private information. This could be your banking information or other private details such as your birthday, social security number, credit card information, bank card or even your passwords.

Phishing emails are usually disguised as e-mails that appears to be from a known institution such a your bank or perhaps a popular social networking website like Facebook or payment website such as PayPal asking for confidential information, including your username and password, to perform an account on your account or reset your password.


Except this e-mail hasn’t originated from the sender you believe and once you enter this valuable private information, it will be sent to a criminal third party who can then exploit this data to either access your account, change your password or completely drain your account.

Spear Phishing, a variant of the general phishing attack, is a targeted phishing attempt through an e-mail that appears to come not only from a trusted source but also contain personalized information such your full name to trick users into trusting them more.

Please read my tips on How To Protect Yourself From A Phishing Attack.

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Koodo Referral Code for $50 Bonus Credits

Did you know that by using a Koodo referral code when you’re signing up, you can get a free $50 credit?

Yes, as Koodo says “Bring a buddy and get $50 in bill credits for you and your friend. If you bring a friend to Koodo, we’ll hook you both up with bill credits when they activate with us. It’s a win-win!”

So how do you sign up with a Koodo referral code?

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Need a Fido Referral Code? Find It Here

FidoI made the switch to Fido last year when they had some rather tempting cell phone plans with unlimited Spotify streaming.

I left Rogers for them and I have to say I haven’t been disappointed. The cell phone service and customer support are exactly the same, since Rogers obviously owns Fido, but my cell phone bill is 50% lower. Can’t complain about that! 🙂

If any of you have been on the fence, consider that Fido also provides you a $50 credit bonus if you sign up from a friend’s referral code. But you need to provide a personally generated referral link while signing up.

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Reliable Web Hosting Options

With my experience in internet security and web services, I’m often asked for recommendations for reliable web hosting options.

The answer for this very much depends on the kind of website you’re running and the kind of web hosting you need.

Small website on a shared server or VPS

The number of options for shared hosting is just about endless and providers are a dime a dozen. But this is why you need to know which ones are truly reliable and trustworthy and not fly-by-night scam operations.

1. HostGator
HostGator is a terrific host I’ve used over the last many years. Their uptime is outstanding and 24/7 support is second to none. They do shared, cloud, VPS and also reseller hosting with a 99.9% uptime and 45-day money back guarantee. To make it even better, you can get an active HostGator coupon to get your entire first month for just 1 cent so you don’t have anything to lose. HostGator Experts is a good resource for information on using this highly recommended host.

2. DreamHost
I have been using DreamHost on and off for the better part of a decade. The three things I can tell you are very consistent about them is the uptime guarantee, reliability and the support. Along with a very efficient up-the-chain ticket system, there is also live chat support for quick questions or inevitable emergencies. But their best feature is their little known about refund policy that lets you use their service for 97 days and still get your full money back for any reason whatsoever.

3. Namecheap
Namecheap is the newest entrant in the field but man do they provide a great value. In fact, the their hosting starts at $10 for a full YEAR of service! That includes 20 GB of SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth and hosting for up to 3 websites in your account. They have 100% uptime guarantee SLA with an extremely helpful staff.

4. 1&1
1&1 has been around for years and, while they’ve always been known for their fantastic support, they’ve now recently added rock-solid scalable website hosting to their catalog. Even better, they also offer a 1and1 99 cent hosting discount to get started.

You really can’t go wrong with any four of these. But what if your needs won’t fit into a shared hosting account? Let’s look at the second option.

Large website on a dedicated server

If you have a larger website that needs dedicated resources, I highly recommend a dedicated server. Actually, with the prices now, it doesn’t even have to be expensive. They’re really quite affordable now and the added benefit is that you control the entire box. You can typically find a dependable dedicated server at Dreamhost starting for under $50 all the way up to the high end servers. I have used them and can vouch for the uptime. I’ve now been with them for 6 months with not one instance of a network outage.

Namecheap also offers dedicated servers starting at $58.88 / month but we have a Namecheap dedicated server coupon for 25% off that will bring your cost down to a wicked $44.16 for a Xeon E3-1220 v3 with 4 Cores running at 3.1 GHz with 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB HDD and 10 TB bandwidth.

You can also see our DreamHost dedicated server review. Although, I should mention that I didn’t include it here because the price is slightly higher.

Swagbucks Sign Up Code for $5 Free

SwagbucksSwagbucks is one of those websites that doesnt just help you save money but earn points, called Swagbcks, that you can redeem towards gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart or even PayPal cash.

How do you earn Swagbucks?

It’s actually relatively simple. You can:

  • Watch videos ranging from entertainment, comedy to recipes or music videos.
  • Answer surveys picked for your profile. This in itself can earn you a gift card or two everyday.
  • Discover offers available from Swagbucks partners like Netflix or Audible. This could be signing up for a trial or simply providing your email for a newsletter.
  • Search the web. Yes, you can make it your default search engine so you earn points for doing something you do anyway.

What can you redeem for?

My most popular gift card redemption choice is Amazon but sometimes I splurge on the Starbucks. There’s a huge variety including bookstores, cinemas, clothing stores, hardware stores, grocery stores or even PayPal which is as good as cash since you can withdraw it to your bank account.

I’m interested, can I get a sign up code?

Absolutely. When signing up, enter steve2k in the box that asks for this identifier. Or you can click through below to have this automatically pre-entered for you.

For a limited time, you get 500 Swagbucks for signing up, which means you can redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card or PayPal cash almost instantly.

SwagbucksTo make the most out of Swagbucks, you can use it to search instead of Google, have the videos playing in the background while you work, and always do the daily tasks like the Daily Poll everyday, which earns you SBs for 1 click. If you’re looking for highest SBs, then typically doing the surveys aka under ‘Answer’is the best option.